Main office:
Office hours: Wednesday 9am-1pm

For pastoral care, please contact Rev. Don McCallum at 519-444-8434 or You can also contact your Session elder. If you do not have a designated elder, please email the office or contact our Interim Clerk of Session Doug McCaig, 

Bev Brown

Ruth Venafro / Caterina Ottaviano

Puslinch Loan Cupboard:
Alan Fairweather 519-824-5726
Gary Will: 519.822.9479
Fred Law: 519.767.2462
Ken Gunson: 519.824.6749

Parish Nurse
The Parish Nurse program is suspended until further notice.  Please contact your doctor’s office, Telehealth or the public health unit for assistance in this time. If you require pastoral care and are a member of the Duff’s Community, please contact your Session elder.