Local Fireside Club


What Is The Fireside Club?

It is a group of people (ages 25-95) from Duff’s Church and Community who meet together on the 1st. Tuesday of the month in Nanson Hall.

A Meeting/Gathering consists of a brief business meeting, a Worship Service (5-10 minutes) and when we meet in person there is always one hymn. Then we have a program, something educational and some type of fun activity. Also, a highlight of each in person meeting is the snack and coffee to finish off the evening.

We welcome all in the Community to join us, you do not have to be connected to Duff’s, we welcome you from Morriston, Aberfoyle, Arkell and all in between.

Questions? Please contact Glenna Smith at 226-820-0497 or glennarose41@gmail.com