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Parish Nurse Programs at Duff’s

Mondays,  7:30 – 8:30 pm  Fitness Class with a qualified instructor  at Duff’s. Cost $5 pp. each time.

 Wed. Dec. : 11 am  Guest speaker, 12 noon ‘Soup and Dessert Luncheon for SENIORS’.  All welcome!!

Tues. and/or Thurs.: ALL YEAR at  9:30  – 10:30 am SMART Program – providing: better exercises, while delivering safe, appropriate, physical activities for healthy aging.  This is a great workout plus it is FREE!!!                                    

Wednesdays 2017- 2018:  7:30 pm CIZE continues in Nanson Hall.  Listen to the music & follow the instructions as you watch Shaun T. and the dancers on the screen. FREE!!

Wed. Dec. 13: 11 am Speaker from the “Children’s Wish Foundation  followed with “Seniors Soup & Dessert Luncheon”.  All welcome!!  “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from you Parish Nurse, Karen Harding!!

email:                                                                                  OR  call Karen: 519-820-8114






Special Services 2017

*We welcome YOU to everything listed for 2017*         

The “Remembrance Day Service” was held at the Puslinch Community Centre , hosted by the Optimist Club of Puslinch &  conducted by the area ministers:  Rev. Deborah Deveau, Rev. Jane Swatridge and Rev. Marcie  Wilkie. It was a very special COMMUNITY Service.                                                                                                                                                                    





































WMS on the GO!

 WMS meetings  and acitivities: ***The Ladies are a dedicated and cheerful bunch! YOU are welcome anytime to the various activities!  We do have FUN!! We always enjoy refreshments after each meeting. **Hear ye, hear ye!!**

NEXT MEETING: Thurs. Nov.  30th: Christmas Community Seniors  Potluck Luncheon at Duffs. Join us for some merriment, carol Singing & an amazing lunch thanks to ALL of YOU!! 

The WMS committee: will be packing “Christmas plates” on Mon. Dec. 4th  (Surprises for Students trying exams as well as for people who may not be able to get around as easily as they used to).  You are welcome to donate smaller, cheery items !

 **The WMS is actively engaged in knitting sweaters & caps for newborns. The sweaters & caps are sent to Jobat hospital in India twice a year.   Two years ago,  2 doctors from Jobat India came to Duff’s to explain & show slides about their hospitals, pregnancy programs and not only care for newborns, & new moms but also teaching families how to care for and feed the family. They also explained the difference that our help makes!**

Volunteers are also Knitting….”Knitted Knockers” for women who have undergone masectomies. These items are special, handmade breast prostheses. The pattern is available from Duff’s.

The  WMS or Women’s Missionary Society at Duff’s is a very active group in our church and the church  community!!

**We  are collecting: postage stamps to help people beat Leprosy”.

** We are collecting used eyeglasses or sun glasses for needy  people in 3rd world countries.**  

**We are looking for people who can knit OR who would like to learn to knit Teddy Bears from the pattern that we have. These Teddy Bears are “Teddies for Tragedies” and are sent to 3rd world countries, prisons and hospitals to give people -young, old, or going through extremely difficult times, something to cuddle and to care about. Call 519-763-1163 for a pattern.

**If you would like to help with any of the above activities, please call the office 519-763-1163 for more information and/or patterns.**

  • Since Christmas, 2016, we have received 14 more HUGE  BOXES  of beautifully knitted Teddy Bears,SO FAR WE HAVE SENT:
  • 20 Teddies to Bolivia with an eye specialist and  
  • 18 teddies with Dr. Scholton on his medical mission
  • 18 Teddies to Cuba with Barb McKay!
  • Plus 50 large teddies with Linda to Haiti &  Philippines
  • 80 teddies through Pan Mission with Debbie Couttes & the medical team to Nicaragua ! 🙂
  • 30 medium-sized teddies with Rick Schwarztenburg (speaker from 2015)  to Malaysia!                                                                   
  •  100 Teddies with Alison whose “MOM2Mom Africa” group, along with their African partners work to fund the educational needs of students in Tanzania.
  • 650 Teddies of all sizes went to 3rd World Countries where there are “no such things as” toys!
  • 75 Teddies went to Kenya through Margaret Hauwert’s connections.

If you like to knit, you are welcome to pick up a Teddy Bear pattern or a pneumonia vest & cap pattern for newborns in India from  the buffet counter in the Welcome Room!                                                                                                            

****Surprise!!…….. Duff’s is now accepting    clean– inside & out, smoothed, NO HOLES  “MILK Bags” to crochet into SLEEPING Mats for people in 3rd world countries. **** Thank you soooo very much!!*****

Celebrating!!  7 milk bag mats were recently sent off to the needy!! Mary Rife cut all of the strips & Alice Mc Niesh crocheted the mats!! It takes time & muscle!! Good for you, Alice & Mary!!        One mat = 515 milk bags. “3,850 ” milk bags did not make it to the landfill!                                    Way to go!!









Fireside Group

Fireside; Is a group of  people welcoming ALL who wish to come out to a  meeting on the 1st  Tuesday  evening of each month from Nov. to  Jan.  and Mar. to the following June,  at 7:30 pm. 

Tues. Dec. 5:  7:30 pm “Canadian Destinations”  It will be a blast with World Traveler , John Swatridge!!  Enjoy Refreshments prepared by your Hosts Lois & Doug Mast and Judy & David McCaig!! 🙂 

Tues. Jan. 2, 2018: “Annual Meeting” Your hosts will be Lorne & Shirley Bentley,  Ev Winer & Doug Gilmour and  Norma & John Gilmour 



















Duff’s Reception Committee

Stand – up Receptions: with some seating, tablecloths, centre pieces and a large, decorative, buffet table…


**Sit -down Dinners for up to 120 people or different items for Stand-up Receptions and prices are negotiable.**

Special Arrangements for these Hospitality Services  such as Coffee Break, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Receptions & Catering for Birthdays, Showers, Weddings, Parties or Funeral receptions may be made by contacting the Service Club Ladies:                                Gillian Mahnke 519-824-4679  or Janice McCaig 519-822-0386