Services in July are shared at Knox Crieff at 10 am, or the church of your choice.

Services in August, including Aug. 31st  are shared                                      at Duff’s at 10 am.                                                                                                                     ***Envelope Givings will be given to the appropriate church                                                                            treasurer.***

For Pastoral Care in July, please call:                                                                         July 1 – July 18  Rev. Mark  Gaskin – Church – 519-621-3630                                                                                                               Cell  - 519-504-5270                  July 1 – July 31  Rev.  Johan Olivier- Church – 519-821- 0141                                                                                                             Cell  - 519-837-1167

For the month of August, please call:                                                                                              Rev. Marty Molengraaf  - Church – 519-763-1163                                                                                                              Cell – 519 – 820-4731    

Duff’s Church by the 401
“Proud Past, Promising Future!”
church picnic 041



    Come and experience the feeling of a warm,  friendly, unique, church Family.

Let yourself be drawn into and inspired by our minister Marty’s wonderful, thought-provoking and inspiring messages.

             Experience and enjoy our stimulating and informative                  children’s program.

Praise and worship through song with the help of our talented pianist/organist and leader+ Musical Adventures,  Brass Tones (hand bells), AND our various soloists and instrumentalists.

Join us for our Coffee Hour after each worship service, giving us the added opportunity to meet you, and for you to meet us!

Sunday Morning Worship from  September to June is at 10:30 am

Services in July are shared at Knox Crieff at 10 am, or the church of your choice.

Services in August including Aug. 31st  are shared                                      at Duff’s at 10 am



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A community of faith in Puslinch, Ontario