Fireside schedule for 2020-2021

The Fireside Club is open to all adults, young & old, and the young at heart.

Our focus is in promoting Christian Fellowship and undertaking projects that benefit our congregation as a whole.

This is your invitation and we extend a warm welcome to YOU!

President                               Brenda Law

Vice President                     Glenna Smith

Secretary                              Gillian Mahnke

Assistant Secretary             Karen Harding

Treasurer                              Lois Mast

Pianist                                 Lois Mast

Card Secretary                   Etta Vandenheuvel

Examiner                             Mike Evelyn

 Programme Committee      Neil & Janice McCaig                                            Fred & Brenda Law

 Bazaar Committee   Judy Nederpelt    Marion Hunter  Glenna Smith  Florence Peer         

                                                        Nominating Committee     George & Ruth Nap  Murray & Carolyn Vandenheuvel

 Meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of each month, except February, July and August, at 7:30 pm in Nanson Hall, unless otherwise announced.  Anyone who wishes not to, or cannot serve on a committee, please notify one of the programme committee.


March 3rd 2020

“Annual Meeting & Spring”

Committee – Doug & Glenna Smith

Etta Vandenheuvel & Bill Hanning


April 7th 2020


Committee – Karen Harding & Rev. Jane Swatridge

Bill & Joyce Shepherd


May 5th 2020

“Work Bee”

Committee – Jules Ganning & the Board of

Managers + Helpers


June 10th 2020

 (Please note this is a Wednesday)

“Grand River Raceway”

Committee – Neil & Janice McCaig

Dave & Judy McCaig


September 20th 2020

“Kummoniwannago Sunday”

Committee – Ken & Audrey Gunson

Church School Teachers


October 17th 2020

“Duff’s Bazaar”


November 3rd 2020

“Fun Night”

Committee – Fred & Brenda Law

Gillian Mahnke, Marion Hunter & Lois Mast


December 1st 2020


Committee – George & Ruth Nap

Paul & Wendy McDonald and Doug Gilmour


January 5th 2021

“Annual Meeting”

Committee – Murray & Carolyn Vandenheuvel

John & Norma Gilmour

Fred & Brenda Law