Upcoming Events


Sat. Apr. 14: 6:30 pm  Square Dance Club at Duffs in Nanson Hall.                                                                                                                                                              Sat. Apr. 21: 2 pm Puslinch Fiddle Show Across Canada at Knox Church Crieff!   All are welcome!!     Tickets:  $15   

Sun. April 22: 7:30 pm The Singing Preacher, Mark Curtis ….

A very entertaining singer who has sung for the Queen, the song  O Canada for the Blue Jays AND the Toronto Maple Leafs, and now creates a whole Show to suit the Christian time of year for the event that he has been asked to do!! He does all of this for churches and groups everywhere, taking nothing for himself.  A sound & lighting technician is his only helper, who also projects an amazing backdrop for the songs being sung! Come and hear Mark Curtis for yourselves!!  The plate will be passed for donations to Duffs to help with expenses for the Puslinch Loan Cupboard, which is now under Duffs care. 











































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