Parish Nurse Programs at Duff’s

The  ” Fitness Class”

Tuesday & Thursday: “Smart” Fitness Classes

(Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together)  9:30am-10:30am (Free Event)

Saturday, September 14th – Something New – Mutual Support Group = MSG,    Jesus calls us “The Salt of the Earth”, but it does not always feel that way.  On Saturday, September 14th @ 9:30 am, come to Duffs & share support with others who may also be experiencing grief, depression, PTSD, anxiety, struggling with addiction – whatever you are dealing with.  You are not alone.  Contact Karen Harding, Parish Nurse or Rev. Jane for information about this gathering.

 September 11thLunch’n Learn will launch another great season on Wednesday Sep 11th, 2019; the presentation begins at 11:00am followed by delicious homemade soup & cupcakes at noon.

Truth & Reconciliation, join us for lunch & learn, a history lesson developed with Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers & educators- that fosters truth, understanding, respect & reconciliation among Indigenous & Non-Indigenous peoples.  Everyone is welcome.

“Welcome Room” Information:                                                                                    Library Movies……“Awakening from Alzhiemers” Book or Video                                                                    “It truly is an awakening!!”                                                  Pamphlets………………..…Alzheimers and MORE                                                  Softcover Book………….We have 3 Brains: the                                                                            Gut, Brain & Heart!