WMS on the GO! 2019

The WMS is evolving and we are patiently waiting to see what “kind of group” will hatch from their deliberations!                                                                                                 Truly exciting times at Duff’s!!!

 The MS meetings  and acitivities:                                                                      **The WMS is actively engaged in knitting sweaters & caps for newborns. The sweaters & caps are sent to Jobat hospital in India twice a year.   Three years ago, 2 doctors from Jobat India came to Duff’s to explain & show slides about their hospitals, pregnancy programs and not only care for newborns, & new moms but also teaching families how to care for and feed the family. They also explained the difference that our help makes!! Many more babies survive!!!** 

Teddy Bears: We have received 600 knitted Teddy Bears since  our Teddy Bear Tea!! We have been asked to provide Teddies for  a high school student trip to Peru in January or February 2019

The  WMS or Women’s Missionary Society at Duff’s has been a very active group in our church and the  community!!

**We are collecting clean milk bags for Alice McNeish to crochet into sleeping mats. She loves to do this project.

**We  are collecting: postage stamps to help people beat Leprosy”.

** We are collecting used eyeglasses and sun glasses for needy people in 3rd world countries.**  

**If you would like to help with any of the above activities, please call the office 519-763-1163 for more information and/or patterns.**