Fireside Group

Fireside; Is a group of  people welcoming ALL who wish to come out to a  meeting on the 1st  Tuesday  evening of each month from Nov. to  Jan.  and Mar. to the following June,  at 7:30 pm. 

**ALL Information is in your Blue Pamphlet, ready for the year!!        They are for everyone, so that you can join in with the listed activities. It is always an interesting evening!! Pick up a pamphlet from the tables at each entrance. 

Sat. October 20: 10 am – 1 pm Duff’s Fireside & Community Bazaar, sponsored by the “Fireside” & welcoming ALL to participate in what you enjoy doing, it’s your choice!! Baking, Canning, making Casseroles, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Vegetables & Fruit, kids’ Treats, making Candy,  Serving & clearing in the “Jolly Lunchroom”, OR working in the kitchen is also an option!!   

  The doors open at 10 am and all are welcome to have a relaxing day viewing the merchandise, purchasing your special treats, or relaxing in the Lunchroom at anytime, for coffee, tea or juice, sandwiches,  a comforting bowl of homemade soup OR a delicious piece of pie!!   TODAY is YOUR day to RELAX and enjoy the outing with friends!! A beverage+soup+sandwich+pie costs $12.

Tues. Nov. 6: The Fireside will be visiting the McCrae House in Guelph.

Tues. Dec. 4: 7:30 pm “Christmas” with Doug & Glenna Smith, Etta Vandenheuvel and Marion Hunter!!






















Parish Nurse Programs at Duff’s

The  ” Fitness Class” is up and running at Duff’s on Monday nights at 7:30 – 8:30 pm.  Please bring your own equipment- mat, hand-weights & band.  No cost the 1st night only……$5. per session afterwards.  Be WELL!!  Be FIT!!

Tues. and/or Thurs.: ALL YEAR at  9:30  – 10:30 am SMART Program – providing: better exercises, while delivering safe, appropriate, physical activities for healthy aging.  This is a great workout plus it is FREE!!!  

MOVIE AFTERNOONThursday October 25th at 1:30 – Viewers choice: “Faith Like Potatoes” or “ Do You Believe” ? Enjoy some popcorn and conversation.

“Welcome Room” Information:                                                                                    Library Movies……“Awakening from Alzhiemers” Book or Video                                                                    “It truly is an awakening!!”                                                  Pamphlets………………..…Alzheimers and MORE                                                  Softcover Book………….We have 3 Brains: the                                                                            Gut, Brain & Heart!

“Introduction to Tapping ”                                                                                             1st Small Binder…………Introduction to Tapping                                              2nd Small Binder ………..The Science Behind it all                                              3rd  Small Binder…………How to Thrive & Live a Life You Love                                                                      in Every Stage of Life                                                      4th Small Binder…………Boundless Living : How to thrive & Live                                                                Your  Life                                                                               5th Small Binder………..Creating Lasting Change: How to Get                                                                     Unstuck & Create Change with Ease!                6th Small Binder………....Tapping Into Your Chakras: How to                                                                          Harness Their Power to Feel Grounded and                                                       confident in Your Own Life.                                     7th Small Binder.…………Dodging Energy Vampires: A Highly                                                                       Sensitive  Person’s Guide to Protecting                                                                 Their Energy.

Sign out on the clipboard sheet & sign in once you bring it back.    email:                                                                           OR  call Karen: 519-820-8114






Special Services 2018

  Sun. Oct. 14: 10:30 am is a “Baptism” Service                                                                                     1 pm PFO  rehearsal

Sun. Oct. 21: 10:30 is Duff’s 181st Anniversary Service                                                                   Rev. Bill Bynum will be conducting the service.

Sun. Oct. 28:10:30 am  Reformation Sunday

Sun. Nov. 4: 10:30 am Remembering Service & lighting candles.

Sun. Nov. 11: 10 am Shared Community Remembrance Service at the Puslinch Community Centre sponsored by the Optimist Club of Puslinch. All are Welcome!!