Fireside Group

Fireside; Is a group of  people welcoming ALL who wish to come out to a  meeting on the 1st  Tuesday  evening of each month from Nov. to  Jan.  and Mar. to the following June,  at 7:30 pm. 

**Your Fireside Blue Pamphlet is ready for the year!!                                                  They are for everyone, so that you can join in with the listed activities. It is always an interesting evening!! Pick up a pamphlet from the tables at each entrance.

Sun.  Sept. 16: “Kummoniwannago Sunday!!” at Duff’s!! Perfect lunch -hotdogs,  fresh corn on the cob, dessert & games for all ages to “KICK off the New Sunday School Year!!”

Sat. October 20: Duff’s Bazaar, sponsored by the “Fireside” & welcoming ALL to participate in what you enjoy doing by: baking, canning, making casseroles, sewing, knitting, crocheting, growing vegetable crops, or making candy for the Special Group Tables Serving & clearing in the lunchroom, or working in the kitchen is also an option!!