Fireside Group

Fireside; Is a group of  people welcoming ALL who wish to come out to a  meeting on the 1st  Tuesday  evening of each month from Nov. to  Jan.  and Mar. to the following June,  at 7:30 pm. 

Sun. Sept. 17: Fireside teams up with the Sunday School Teachers on  September 17th- to help provide a “corn on the cob/hotdog lunch” & games after the Service for “Kummoniwannago Sunday!!” We welcome back the children & begin their program the following week.  ALL are welcome to the festivities!!

Sat. Oct. 21: 10am – 1 pm Duff’s Fireside Bazaar  takes over Nanson Hall, to display their Specialty tables with lots of specially made GOODIES to sell.  Don’t miss the Bake, Candy, Deli, Knitting/Crocheting/ Sewing, Fruits & Vegetables, and the Kid’s TABLES!! There is also a LUNCH/COFFEE BREAK ROOM with fabulous muffins & delicious homemade soup, pie, sandwiches etc. for you to purchase!