Special Services 2017

*We welcome YOU to everything listed for 2017*         

Sun. Sept. 3: 10 am “Nanson Hall Service” with Rev. Jane Swatridge and pianist Rob White.   “The last big Question!!”

Sun. Sept. 10: 10:30  am Duff’s is closed for the “Community Service” hosted  in the large white tent at the Fair Grounds , celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!!  Three area churches- Arkell, Duff’s and Morriston  will be closed.   Reverends Deborah Deveau, Jane  Swatridge & Marcie Gibson have planned the service & the Canadian refreshments immediately following, for ALL.                                                                                                                                                                      Sun. Sept. 17: 10:30 am “Kummoniwannago Sunday”- to “Kick off” the  beginning of The Children’s Program”- a child friendly service for ALL ages 🙂  Afterwards enjoy corn on the cob, hotdogs, sandwiches, cake & more for lunch, followed with games and guesses to include children of ALL ages !! Everyone  welcome!!

Sun. Sept. 24: 10:30 am “Baptism Sunday” – all welcome!!

Sun. Oct. 1: 10:30 am “Communion Sunday” at Duff’s for ALL ages.

Sun. Oct. 8: 10:30 am “Thanksgiving Sunday”- all welcome! 

Sun.  Oct. 15: 10: 30 am ” Duff’s 180th Anniversary Celebration”

Sun. Oct. 22: 10:30 am Guest Preacher from U. of G. Chaplancey

Sun. Oct. 29: 10:30 am ‘Reformation Sunday’s 500th Anniversary’

Sun. Nov. 5: 10:30 am “All Saints Sunday” a Remembrance Day                                                                  for our loved ones.